Packaging Instructions

The following packaging instructions apply to laptops and Macbooks as they are big and heavy. Obviously not such large boxes are required for smaller devices such as iPads, iPhones and iPods. Having said that please read the recommendations below and use common sense to pack your device to ensure it arrives with us in the condition it leaves you. Believe it or not some people have sent us their laptop in a plastic bag, which isn’t going to offer much protection as you will appreciate.


Selecting the right box
If you do not have the original box and packaging that your device came in then you will need to use your own packaging. Please make sure that you choose a box that will get your device to us safely (We know it’s probably already damaged but if it becomes more damaged in transit it’s value will decline accordingly).
A few recommendations when selecting the right box:


* Always use a corrugated cardboard box

* Make sure that the box is at least two inches (2″) bigger on all four sides of the device (two inches is approximately the width of three fingers)

* Make sure that the box is at least six inches (6″) taller than the height of the device


Selecting the right packaging material
When selecting the packing material, please remember that the better material you use the more likely that your device will be delivered to us in the condition you sent it. A few recommendations when selecting the right packaging material:
* If at all possible, wrap your device in at least three inches (3″) thick of bubble wrap

* If bubble wrap is not available, use packaging peanuts

* If you really can’t find anything better you can use scrunched up newspaper to pad the box out with, but remember that you dont want the device touching the box anywhere. This is to protect it from the knocks it will inevitably receive during transit.

* Make sure that any accessories are also properly packaged to avoid contact with your device

Neither the couriers nor ourselves accept any liability for damage in transit so please pack accordingly.