Q: My Macbook / iPad / iPod / iPhone / other smartphone  has a smashed screen would you still buy it?

A: Yes we will.

Q: My Macbook is full of viruses / trojans /spyware – would you still buy it?

A: Of course, when we receive a laptop the first thing we do is low level format the hard drive. This erases all data and viruses that were previously on the laptop. We do this to meet the US Department of Defence standards so you can be sure no one will get hold of any of your data

Q: I have sensitive data on the hard drive what happens to this information?

A: As above, we securely erase the hard drive destroying all data on the hard drive. If you need the data backed up, please read the next Q:

Q: I want to sell my Macbookbut would like my hard drive back – is this possible?
A: That’s OK, we have no problems with that, we can send it back to you at a small cost. We can also put the hard drive into a caddy that is basically a box/enclosure which allows you to plug the hard drive into any computer or laptop that has a USB port, so you can easily use your data. No technical knowledge would be required for this on your part other than plugging the USB cable (same as plugging in your printer). We can also save your data to CD/DVD.

Q: I have wiped the hard drive of my Macbook, would you still buy it?
A: Yes of course, just use the online form to send us the details of the laptop.

Q: I have more than 1 Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod to sell, would you buy all of them?
A: Sure, please email us and let us know quantity makes and models etc.

Q: My Macbook works but is missing some keys, and some keys don’t work, will you still buy it?
A: That’s fine, no matter what condition the Macbook is in we would still buy it, please let us know via the online form.

Q: I have a Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod  that is old, would you part exchange this laptop for a newer one?
A: Sure, just email us for more information.

Q: My laptop has a faulty DVD ROM would you still buy my laptop?
A: That’s ok, as long as you let us know when sending the online form to us.

Q: Do I pay for the shipping cost?
A: No, we pay the cost of shipping.

Q: I live local, can I drop my Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod off at your office or workshop?
A: Yes, not a problem – ring or email us for more information.

Q: My friend has a Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod but does not have Internet or Email?
A: That’s not a problem; anyone can ring us if they don’t have access to the Internet or Email.

Q: My employer has a large collection of Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod would you be interested?
A: Yes, ask your company to contact us by telephone or Email, we deal with home, business, education and insurance companies.

Q: I am an I.T administrator at the local school and college, would you be interested in a large quantity of Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod that we have?
A: Yes, no matter what condition or quantity we will buy from your school or college.

Q: Can you supply me with a new laptop?
A: Yes, we can – contact us to allow us to quote you (all our new laptops come installed and carry a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty) .

Q: Do you buy and sell desktop Mac computers as well as the Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod?
A: Yes, we buy and sell computers and can also supply new ones,send us an email and let us know what you have or what you are looking for.

Q: Do you fix laptops and computers?
A: Yes, we have a qualified team of engineers/technicians that are able to fix any laptop or computer. Please call us for an immediate answer to your problems

Q: How soon will I be paid?
A: We aim to send your payment within 2 days of receiving your laptop.

Q: Can I be paid by cheque?
A: You can be paid by cheque, Paypal, bank transfer or even cash if you arrange to drop off your laptop in person

Q: My Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod is in a bad condition – it’s falling apart! I don’t think you’d want to buy it.
A: Sure we’ll buy it! Let us know what kind of Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod you have by filling out our online form

Q: How much money will I get for my Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod?
A: Depends on many factors including age, condition, specifications etc. Please fill out our online form for a free no obligation quotation.

Q: What do you do with my used laptop?
A: Once we have received your used Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod firstly we securely erase all personal data, then we determine its condition. If we determine it is economically viable to fix your laptop then we do so and then we will sell your laptop through a variety of outlets. If the Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod is beyond economical repair we either break it down for the parts or sell it to someone who will break it down for the parts. Nothing goes to landfill.

Q: I don’t have a charger or CD’s for the Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod, will you still buy just the Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod?
A: Sure we will, whether you have a charger and CD’s or not.

Q: Why do you offer this service (buying broken Macbooks / iPads / iPhones / iPods for cash)?What do you do with my used Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod after you have bought it?

A: We are not going to mislead you here : we are a business and businesses have to make a profit. We have found a way to make a profit whilst simultaneously helping to protect the environment by preventing all these old broken machines going to landfill by recycling and reusing all the parts, if the laptop itself cannot be fixed and put to good use.

Q: Why should I sell any Macbook iPad / iPhone / iPod to Sell My Broken Apple?
A:Sell My Broken Apple will give you the best price whilst guaranteeing that your data is securely destroyed so that even the most determined of hackers could not recover any of your data from your Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod. We pay out faster than any other laptop recycling company. We take the hassle out of selling used Macbooks / iPads / iPhones / iPods by providing free shipping, a guaranteed price, and great customer service. Don’t delay because the value of a used Macbook / iPad / iPhone / iPod declines rapidly over time, so the sooner you sell yours the better.

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